Stories and insights from the team behind HASH

October 2023 Update

Permissions Authorization has now shipped in HASH. Pages can now be public as well as private, and permission to view, comment on, or edit pages can now be specified on a per-user or whole-web basis. This makes it easy to keep private data secret, and makes it easy to share information with both specific individuals […]

September 2023 Update

File Support User of HASH can now upload files of any type, upload multiple files at once, see the status of uploads, preview images, view file metadata and more. Bulk Actions Entities and types can now be bulk selected, and actioned en masse. Instance Admin Controls Self-hosters of HASH can now disable pages. Disabling pages […]

August 2023 Update

Type Inheritance Entity types can now inherit from other entity types, making it easier to extend existing types and create your own which make sense. For example, you might create an Employee entity type which inherits from Person, ensuring that any property value or link accepted on a Person can also be specified on any […]

July 2023 Update

Announcing organizations, a new public development roadmap (more of a “Tech Tree”!), plus a whole host of improvements and bug fixes in HASH.

June 2023 Update

Canvas pages, `@mention`ing of arbitrary entities, and a next-generation table block that supports querying for and loading in entities.

May 2023 Update

A new command bar in HASH, and various miscellaneous improvements have arrived.

April 2023 Update

Quality-of-life updates to the Block Protocol, incoming changes to hCloud, and big news regarding agent-based programming and deployment in HASH.

March 2023 Update

More new blocks than ever before, as well as improvements to the type editor, Block Protocol for WordPress plugin, and Þ Hub.

February 2023 Update

February 2023 marks our biggest ever update to the Block Protocol, including an overhauled semantic type system, API-powered blocks, and support for Þ blocks in WordPress.

January 2023 Update

Less than a month in, 2023 has so far seen the arrival of bitemporal versioning, block comments, and improved entity/type editing in HASH. We’ve also launched a new Block Protocol website.