Stories and insights from the team behind HASH

Basic Computational Economics

Economic theory often only describes what a system is like under ‘perfect’ conditions, which makes it hard to apply models to real-life situations. Agent-based modeling helps fill that gap by reducing the number of assumptions economists have to make.

Monkeypox infection data on HASH

While monkeypox is not typically thought of as a sexually-transmitted disease (STI), its current outbreak poses a number of challenges for health policymakers. Open-source simulations, as well as data relating to the new outbreak are already available to use on HASH.

Crypto Dynamics: Auctions

Curious about the dynamics of auctions within the NFT/web3 world? Join us as we dive into first- and second-price sealed-bid auctions, and the revenue equivalence theorem.

Open-sourcing HASH

A few months ago we revealed we were working on something new. The Block Protocol is now in public draft, and an early preview of our new product, HASH, is available for download on GitHub under an open-source license.

Coronavirus data on HASH

Data is one of the most useful tools available to health policymakers. In this post we collect a wide range of data available around COVID-19, covering transmissibility, infections, patients, treatments, vaccines and the economic impact.

Announcing the Block Protocol

We’re developing a new open standard for building blocks of the sort you might find included in document editing applications like Notion or Almanac, as well as content management systems like WordPress. The Block Protocol will make sure blocks developed in one application are interoperable with others, and information captured within them is accessible and suitable for use in agent-based models, as well as other analytics applications.

SynPath: NHS Healthcare Simulations

NHSX worked with HASH to incorporate a type 2 diabetes pathway into their simulations, helping assess what components would be needed in an intelligence layer and determining the optimal learning strategies.

Outer Space Datasets in HASH

Few things capture the imagination quite like outer space. As more and more countries and companies venture into the final frontier, high quality models and data can inform their exploration. Below are some of our favorite datasets about space hosted on HASH: Space Flights: A record of historical space flights from 1957 to today. A […]

Financial Simulation Toolbox

A financial simulation tutorial aimed at people with only a basic understanding of financial terms and conventions, such as options, pricing and trading.

Genetic Algorithms in Simulations

Explore a Genetic Algorithm Based Employee Scheduling Simulation Genetic algorithms follow the logic of evolution – from a pool of solutions, evolve the best solution for a given problem. This is an effective approach to finding optimal solutions to tricky, complex multi-dimensional optimization problems. The basic process is an evolutionary loop: A number of potential […]