Build simulations in minutes
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HASH is the open-source platform for general purpose simulation backed and built by the founders of Kaggle, Stack Overflow, Trello, and Glitch.

Why should I use simulation?

Up until now building simulations has been costly, time-intensive, and resource-heavy... rendering simulation impractical for addressing all but the biggest of logistical challenges.

HASH lets any developer build complex simulations in minutes, and run them in-browser.

Identify black swans
Discover unknown risks and edge cases. Find ways to break systems you never imagined possible.
Transparent insights
Observe emergent phenomena develop step-by-step. No more “accidentally racist” black box AI.
Machine learning environments
Improve ML models by providing them with goals and context in a digital twin of your real world environment.
Discover new strategies
Leave agents running with sets of goals, and come back to discover novel new ways of achieving things.
Ready for anything
Don’t just plan for ‘best’ and ‘worst’ cases. Plan for millions of scenarios so when reality hits you’re prepared.
Explore big “what if” questions
What if our competitors change their prices? What if they merge? What if we launch another product?


Open-source code

An open-source and free-forever simulation engine, plus a community of experts, and ecosystem of professional tools.


Ultra-fast simulation

As much as 10-50x faster than existing best-in-class tools. We’ve flipped simulation software on its head through modern functional programming.

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Minutes not days

A marketplace of composeable model parts lets entry-level programmers get started quickly.

About HASH

Backed and built by industry veterans, including the founders of the largest developer and data science communities in the world, we’re building the end-to-end platform for simulation.

We’re on a mission to unlock simulation as a useful tool for everyday decision-making by abstracting away the complexities of creating models today: from data sourcing and behavior validation to parallel processing and distributed computation.

Our goal is to enable everybody everywhere to make the right choices. Organizing the world’s information is only part of the solution. Tools to understand that data have to be open, and accessible, as well. We believe the truth leads to better outcomes.

We’re bringing collective awareness into being, and democratising access. Simulation helps people make sense of complex systems, make safe predictions, and process the world around them. We can’t risk a world in which this technology rests solely in the hands of a few.