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Effortlessly structure, integrate and connect data and ideas in an open-source workspace

Beta release coming Q3 2022

Easily build knowledge graphs with entities and relationships

Unlike static notes, knowledge graphs capture relationships in a structured way.

By creating entities - like people, products, books, and concepts - connected by relationships, you're able to build powerful systems for insight.

Structured knowledge can show you the bigger picture, answer complex questions, and display your data in multiple ways.

With HASH you can create entities and relationships as easily as taking notes - it's no harder than typing.


text block

Work in interactive blocks, display data in multiple ways

You're already familiar with blocks - flexible formats you can switch between on a page. HASH lets you display your data in paragraphs, tables, kanban boards, and plenty more.


Table block


Kanban block

Naturally structure data as you work

There’s no need for data entry chores. Adding information to your HASH graph happens organically as you write documents and notes. Blocks automatically categorise entities and create relationships.

Backed by the Block Protocol

The Block Protocol is an open registry where anyone can explore, use, and share open-source blocks. Import any block you like, or build your own.

Blocks can do anything the web can do. They’re interactive HTML/JS components that let you view and edit any data you like.

Block Protocol blocks can read and write data to the application they’re used within. Any developer can build and contribute blocks by following our quick start guide.

Learn more about the Block Protocol

Unlimited entities, types and blocks for both free and paid accounts

open sourcetransparentdeveloper-led

You own and control your graph - you can even host HASH on your own server

HASH is an open-source tool avaliable for everyone to use. Developers can download it for free and host it on your own server.

For people who don’t want to fuss with their own technical setup, we’ll have a hosted version that anyone can easily sign up for.

Take data in and out with ease. Made for two-way syncing with external services

Never worry about getting stuck in a data silo. HASH makes it easy to move data in and out of your graph through integrations with other popular services.

We believe in live, dynamic data streams – you’ll always have access to the latest information in HASH without having to import or fetch it.

Made For

individuals usecase

home wiki

project tracker

connected notetaking

personal crm

headless blog cms

startups usecase




company wiki

project management

site cms

bi dashboards

enterprises usecase



business intelligence

document management

data integration


researchers usecase

manage references

version controlled writing

connected notetaking

academic crm

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Beta release coming Q3 2022

Our roadmap

We work in public and release new features early and often

Desktop view of HASH roadmapMobile view of HASH roadmap

Create multiple graphs and switch between accounts easily

Share entities, pages, blocks, and graphs with anyone

Create and edit custom schemas that fit your needs

Why we're building this

HASH opens up the world of simulation to everyone

Simulations are powerful, but expensive and complicated to build. Our mission at HASH is to enable everybody to make better decisions. To do this, we're making powerful simulation tools easy and accessible to use.

From infectious diseases to product supply chains, we believe everyone should have access to simulations.

stats of virus infection rates simulated by HASH's hCore platformdesktop view graph of virus infection rates simulated by HASH's hCore platformmobile view graph of virus infection rates simulated by HASH's hCore platform

By building a graph of your universe in HASH, you can build up a digital twin or virtual model of the things you care about and easily simulate them.

Hash suite of simulation tools


Create simulation models, design experiments and visualize results in an in-browser environment


Run simulations locally on your machine or own server, unbounded by browser constraints


Run simulations at scale with our high-performance compute network