HASH is being built from the ground up as a vertically-integrated, open-source solution for building simulations of the complex real world

Currently in beta

H-Core   for web

A hosted version of our open-source multi-agent simulation engine.


A marketplace of schema-mapped data and simulation components.


Space to save your simulations to the cloud without worrying about local storage limits.

Coming soon

H-Cloud launch

Run models in the cloud with one-click:

easy pay-as-you-go
optionally on your own private cloud
H-Index expansion
support for behavior and schema publishing
advanced search functionality
buy and sell as well as freely share components
H-Core features + open-source release
advanced geospatial support
multiple experiment types (Monte Carlo, etc.)
streaming live data into simulations
Python and Rust support
CAD and BIM file imports
end-to-end encryption
native tools for reinforcement learning
background recompute of models
simulation outputs API
plugin ecosystem
advanced sharing and export controls
integrated version control