Open multi-agent simulation engine


Open sim engine

hEngine is the simulation engine at the heart of HASH. It powers hCore, as well as hCloud, and it makes HASH a powerful open alternative to solutions like AnyLogic, FlexSim and Simio.

When you build HASH simulations, there’s no risk of platform lock-in, and you can switch providers or self-host at any time.

Accessible and extensible

hEngine is written in Rust, and models can be written in a variety of additional languages including Python, and JavaScript.

We plan to introduce support for TypeScript and R in the coming months, and welcome your feedback on where our focus should be subsequently.

Best-in-class performance

HASH was borne of a need for much higher levels of performance and scalability than existing commercial simulation engines offered.

hEngine lets users run simulations containing thousands of parameters and millions of agents on cheap commodity cloud infrastructure.