Integrated data-development environment

Build and run simulations with millions of agents from your laptop


Ready-to-go environment

hCore is a zero-setup environment for in-browser simulation development, viewing and experimentation. No packages to install, no config required.

It integrates natively with our hIndex package and data registry, as well as hCloud distributed compute service to provide everything you need.

Open and reproducible

We believe reproducible results are key to accountable decision-making, and in turn to good governance. All this requires a trusted execution platform.

Every simulation run in hCore is both reproducible and portable, with in-browser and cloud simulation alike powered by our open simulation engine.

Easy and simple

Most simulations represent the world either spatially or as a network. hCore natively supports both approaches, through a variety of built-in viewers:

  • 3D
  • Geospatial
  • Single-Step Explorer
  • Whole-Run Analysis
  • Multi-Run Analysis