The HASH brand includes our name, logos, marks, trademarks, avatars, and other unique elements of our look and feel.

Referring to HASH

  • In writing, used in standalone or as part of a sentence, our name is always capitalized. For example, HASH is correct. Hash or hash are not.
  • The only exception to the all-capitalization of our brand name in writing is when it appears as part of a URL. For example, https://hash.ai/about/brand is correct, and https://HASH.ai/about/brand is not.
  • Our primary legal entity’s name is HASH, Inc.
  • Our products are:
    1. HASH;
    2. HASH Core (“hCore”); and
    3. HASH Engine (“hEngine”).
  • You should use hCore and hEngine in their shortened-forms any time you have already referred to HASH in a document. You should otherwise use our products’ full names

Using the HASH brand

We’ve put together some assets for those times when you want to show off your HASH work, or link back to us. These various “HASH Assets”, include our avatars, logos, favicons, and other fun things.

Download HASH Assets

HASH Brand Pack (Logo & Mark)last updated 2020-03-22

Terms of Use

Like all features of our brand these are protected by law, and you must have received permission from HASH in writing in order to use these.

Please feel free to…

  • Use HASH Assets to link to our website
  • Use HASH Assets in social buttons to link to your hash.ai-hosted profile or work
  • Use HASH Assets to advertise that your product has built-in HASH integration
  • Use HASH Assets in a blog post or news article about us
  • Contact us if you require additional assets or information, or are unsure if your case is covered here

Please don’t…

  • Use the HASH brand in your application’s icon
  • Create modified versions of HASH Assets
  • Integrate HASH Assets into your logo
  • Use any HASH Assets without permission
  • Sell any HASH Assets without permission
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images
  • Use HASH Assets to imply any affiliation, relationship or endorsement
  • Name projects in a way that may result in confusion or imply a connection between you and HASH (this also applies to domain names)

You may submit a request for permission to use these assets by contacting us and agreeing to meet our brand standards outlined here.

You may only use these assets in line with our brand standards. Although we’re keen to accommodate wide usage of HASH, we need to make sure our brand is used in the right way.