HASH pre-release

We’ve published the code behind our forthcoming HASH workspace application under the open-source AGPL license.

You can find this within the hash package of the HASH public monorepo. It is currently in pre-release and we welcome early feedback.

Block Protocol API keys

You can now create an account on the Block Protocol website and generate an API key. If you already have a hosted HASH user account, your namespace on the Block Protocol site has been reserved. Simply enter the same email address you used to sign up for hash.ai to claim this.

API keys are usable by embedding applications who want to search the Block Protocol Hub for blocks (or allow their users to do the same). Further down the line you’ll also be able to publish and update blocks listed on the Block Protocol Hub using your API key.

Open-source blocks

We’ve open-sourced an initial set of blocks under the MIT license. Although basic, these give a sense for the types of things we expect users to build. You can find them in the blocks package within the HASH public monorepo on GitHub.