The public hEngine is here

We have published the code at the heart of HASH simulations: you can view hEngine, the open computational engine, in this public repository. This is an alpha-stage product under active development, made available to allow developers and interested parties to explore and provide feedback on the code.

By making our simulation engine public we are delivering on several key principles:

  • flexibility: you can run simulations in your own environment, using your own editor, and feed data to and from the engine in any way you please
  • transparency: the inner workings of our simulation engine are free to inspect, to debate, and to improve
  • extensibility: by making the code public we enable and encourage you to extend it or modify it to meet your own needs (subject to the Server Side Public License)
  • portability: when you build HASH simulations, there’s no risk of platform lock-in: you’re not reliant on us, and can self-host at any time

We will now be working towards a first formal release, shipping a number of improvements and exciting new features in the weeks to come. We’d love for you to get involved, whether through contributing, raising issues, or getting in touch to share feedback and feature requests. 

Download projects from hCore

You can start using your existing projects with the open engine straight away, by exporting a project’s files and dependencies from hCore. This allows it to be downloaded for local use with hEngine, and enables you to backup your simulation code and data offline.

To do this, open up the File menubar and hit the Export Project button.

Coming soon: We’ll be introducing the ability to upload simulation project files to HASH, enabling seamless transition between developing on your machine and running simulations in-browser (in hCore) and at scale (with hCloud).