Run bigger, longer simulations with better memory handling in hCore

By default, hCore retains all the state data from each step in a simulation. This limits how long you can run a sim for, as the state data eventually uses all the available memory.

We’ve introduced an option to retain only the most recent data – for any number of steps you choose – allowing sims to run with a much, much lower memory footprint.

Analysis can still be computed for the entire run by watching the analysis tab as the sim is computing.

Memory efficiency has also been improved elsewhere, most significantly by plugging a memory leak in the 3D viewer, which overall leads to memory use around a third of that previous for typical simulations, even when retaining all step data.

Export CSV of your analysis to inspect elsewhere

Until now, analysis metrics could only be exported as JSON, requiring further transformation in order to use this data in traditional spreadsheet-based software like Excel or Google Sheets.

Metrics can now additionally be downloaded as a structured CSV file for direct easy import into third-party applications, allowing you to complement in-IDE analysis with your other favourite tools.

To download simulation state and analysis data, right click on a run in the activity history, and click ‘Export run data’.