Quality of life improvements

This week we’ve shipped a bunch of smaller changes that improve platform quality of life.

  • You can now use markdown in your simulation release notes to improve their readability
  • Simulation models using the HASH process modeling library now run far more smoothly in hCloud
  • Default settings for certain built-in 3D meshes have been improved

We squashed a ton of bugs, including a couple of notable nasties:

  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause optimization experiments to fail and prematurely exit under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a regression that meant line numbers for errors and warnings could appear off-by-one in the hCore Console when running Python behaviors client-side
  • Fixed an issue that could cause activity for projects with extremely long histories to sometimes fail to load

We’ve also moved the HASH glossary into our open-source monorepo, so you can add pages or edit definitions directly. Feel free to check out our contributor guidelines and open up a Pull Request! We’ve also migrated our docs away from GitBook and into a new unified learn HASH website.