Custom viewer colors

You can now set custom colors for the stage and grid in the viewer, allowing you to give your simulations extra visual flair. Any combination you choose for each simulation will be saved to your browser.

We’ve also given the viewer settings menu a makeover. If you haven’t explored it before, it offers a range of customisation options, including switching between 3D and 2D view, toggling elements on and off, and more.

Python upgrades

We’ve significantly improved Python support to offer new and upgraded libraries available for use locally in-browser, as well as support for running Python simulations client-side in Safari:

  • New libraries: future, autograd, freesasa, lxml, python-sat, traits, astropy, pillow, scikit-image, imageio, numcodecs, msgpack, asciitree, zarr.
  • Upgraded libraries: numpy 1.15.4, pandas 1.0.5, matplotlib 3.3.3.
  • Safari support: Python behaviors can now be run locally when using Safari (version 14+), building on existing support for experiments run in hCloud, and bringing the browser to parity with Chrome, Firefox and Edge.