Private project sharing

Private simulations can now be embedded on external websites, and secure tokens can be generated allowing private projects to be shared with users outside of an organization’s HASH namespace. This unlocks closed-greybox sharing in HASH.

More experiment types

Group and multiparameter experiments have been added to the experiment creation wizard. Group experiments allow multiple experiments to be executed at once. Multiparameter experiments allow for grid-sweeping of multiple parameter combinations. We’ll be introducing optimization experiments for smarter, more performant multiparameter optimization in one of our next updates.

Other improvements

New features and UX improvements:

  • The current timestep now appears on the simulation playbar
  • When creating an embeddable version of a simulation, you can now specify which views should be available within the widget, and what the default view should be
  • We’ve improved support for irregularly structured JSON datasets
  • We now cache the results of recent and frequently accessed analysis plots from local (in-browser) simulation runs. This means switching back and forth between particular runs of interest is now far quicker, speeding up simulation prototyping and testing
  • We’ve improved recovery from simulation errors in hCore, greatly reducing the number of occasions a full browser refresh is required

Bug fixes:

  • We’ve updated the label on private projects where they appear in hIndex search results to better reflect that these are only visible to users in the publisher’s namespace, or others with direct access permission
  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping from within the analysis wizard could cause the modal to exit unexpectedly
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when browser localStorage was unavailable (e.g. whilst using incognito mode in Chrome)
  • Fixed a problem that could occur rendering projects inoperable whilst renaming files to themselves
  • Fixed an error that could intermittently cause simulation warnings and errors to not show for Safari and Firefox users
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when no step was selected and the raw output tab was active