Better activity sidebar

You can now inspect individual runs within experiments, as well as view top-level “experiment level analysis”. Historical runs can now also be cleared from view (freeing up space in your browser’s memory).

Folders within projects

When you’re building software, even if something makes total perfect sense to have, if it isn’t truly game changing or otherwise deal-breaking it doesn’t always get built. At least not straight away.

In the case of HASH, for a while that meant we didn’t have such a thing as folders within hCore projects. But as the amount of logic in the average simulation has grown, the need for better project structure has become increasingly apparent — and it’s about time we introduced folders.

Data now lives in data, agent behaviors in src (your source code), and analysis plot definitions in views. We’ll be adding support for user-created folders and more customizable project structure soon, but for now we hope this helps encourage a standardized, best-practice way of building models in HASH.

A way to link to your latest stable release

You can now append /stable to the URL path of any hCore simulation to automatically be redirected to the last stable released version of that project. For example:

  • – the latest ‘tip’ version of a project
  • – a specific released version of the simulation
  • NEW – redirects to the latest released version of your simulation

If you’re direct-linking to hCore simulations from outside of HASH, using this latter link will allow you to ensure that you’re always pointing visitors to your most recent published release, without riskily directing users to potentially broken, work-in-progress /main builds, or old fixed-in-time releases from which you might since have moved on.

If (like us!) you frequently found yourself sharing /main links before, we’d strongly recommend cutting releases and switching over to /stable going forward.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a number of bugs around our recent implementation of behavior keys (with a few more usability improvements on the way)
  • Quashed an annoying issue that prevented auto-saving under certain conditions
  • Finally, we now show an “unsaved changes” indicator in hCore (an asterisk* that will appear next to the name of the project you’re working on)