A better interface for managing global variables

A couple of months ago we introduced “visual globals”, an optional UI-wrapper around globals.json project files. The goal of this update was to improve the ability of non-technical users to vary simulation parameters during single-runs, to explore their impact more easily. Since then we’ve rolled out a series of improvements that eliminate bugs, and have now rolled out an all-new interface, improving the design and usability of globals. For instance, you can now show inputs as sliders, color pickers, and other UI elements.

Inputs should also now render better at smaller screen sizes, in anticipation of embeddable simulations which we look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks. (Update: introduced 2021-01-04)

Fixes and performance improvements

  • Improved handling of error messages in hCore
  • Fixed-up our starter template
  • Eliminated overscrolling that was possible in the file-editor under certain circumstances
  • Ensured scrolling is always possible (in a number of edge-cases it was previously possible to become stuck)
  • Improved the responsiveness and performance of the in-browser IDE
  • Further speed improvements to hCloud