Major performance improvements

Ahead of open-sourcing hEngine, we’ve migrated hCloud to a new optimized architecture. This results in up to 20x faster Python simulations, and 10x faster JavaScript simulation.

Behavior keys

In conjunction with our major update to hCloud, you can now statically type inputs and outputs of behaviors, giving the underlying hEngine more information to optimize their execution. We advise you to add these to simulations at the point of creation. Read more about Behavior Keys >

Higher free-tier limits

All users now receive 10hrs free hCloud compute time each month (a 10x increase over our previous free tier limits). If you hit your cap, we’ll reach out to discuss your use-case. Feel free to contact us ahead of time if you’d like to learn more about how HASH can support production simulation workflows.

Other updates

Built-in 3D meshes (introduced 2020-11-16) should now load more quickly in the 3D viewer. Previously these were pulled from Google Poly on-request, however we’re now serving these most commonly used files from our own CDN which allows us to deliver them to you much faster.

We’ve also launched a blog. Our older posts are still available on Medium, but we’ll be posting here on the site going forward.