GPT-3 Initial State Generation

We are excited to announce integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3 natural language model to quickly build initial state conditions for simulations. Simply enter your desired initial state with natural language, and GPT-3 will generate a custom init.json with agents and corresponding properties.


We’ve introduced hotkey support for starting, stopping, stepping, and creating new simulations.

  • ctrl/cmd + enter starts and stops the simulation
  • alt/option + enter pauses and reset the simulation
  • ctrl/cmd + shift + enter single steps the simulation

We expect this to make it easier to iterate faster and simulate with more precision than before.

Simulation Template

With this new version, it’s now possible to create new simulations from two templates

  • A completely empty template for advanced users
  • A starter template for beginners

The starter template includes everything it takes to get up and running with a new simulation and demonstrates how to use tools like neighbors, configuration, and shared behaviors

Other improvements

  • We’ve upgraded the simulation engine to be both faster and to scale to larger simulations
  • The 2D viewer has been upgraded and with some bugs fixed
  • Agents can now be hidden from the 3D and geospatial views by setting their ‘hidden’ field to true
  • We’ve added a “single-step” button to increment the simulation with more precision.