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Retail Vacant Storefronts in Cambridge MA
The Economic Development Division of the Community Development Department maintains a listing of Cambridge’s ground floor vacant storefronts. This listing is not intended as a comprehensive source for...
Lincolnshire Councillors Details
This dataset shows the contact details of the Councillors in Lincolnshire.
Local Competition
This model simulates local businesses competing for customers based on location and price. This is based on the original Hotelling model which analyzed the optimal locations of businesses along a...
Coronavirus grant funding local authority payments to small and medium businesses
This dataset shows the total amount of money that each local authority in England has received from central government and distributed to SMEs to date under 2 coronavirus grant schemes.
Active Real Estate Salespersons and Brokers
This data contains active Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Licenses from New York State Department of State (DOS). Each line will be either an individual or business licensee which holds business...
Factory Floor Plan
A collection of 2d arrays representing floorplans, to be used for simulating agents navigating real world environments
Supply Chain
A simulation which runs the "Beer Game", an example of the "bullwhip" effect in supply chains with changing demand.
Supply Chain with Costs
An extension of the supply chain model which calculates relevant costs: holding, ordering, and shortage.
Servicing Equipment
The Servicing Equipment model explores how to maximize the profit from equipment distributed throughout the environment. This can be done by adjusting the amount of service crews working and deciding...
Citi Bike Visualization
This model visualizes cyclists using the bikeshare system in New York. This is based on real-world data sampled from Citi Bike. It demonstrates how to retrieve travel directions using the Mapbox...