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Process Timer
This behavior is typically used with conveyor belt logic and behaviors to model certain processes on a conveyor belt.
Steel Conversion Process
This model simulates the steel converter process and can be used to observe how crane management algorithms affect the discontinuities/failures of casting machines.
Sample Steel Converter Layout
Sample steel converter layout used in Steel Converter Process model.
Solar Panel Production
Solar Panel Production models the production process for solar panels from creation to storage.
Billing Department
This simulation is a Business Process Model representing how a billing department processes and sends out bills.
Concrete Factory
The Concrete Factory model simulates the concrete production process from raw materials to pallets of concrete blocks using an autoclave system.
Bank and Consumer Credit
This simulation is a Business Process Model representing how clients at a bank apply for credit. An application can be submitted online or in person, and is then processed and assessed based on...
Customer Call Center
A model of a customer call center. Calls arrive at a stochastic pace (modeled as a poisson process) and are sorted into one of two queues, depending on the type of call.
Container Terminal
This simulation models a container terminal and tracks how efficiently the cranes and trucks are utilized when completing X number of orders. During the simulation run, two processes occur:
Agenda Seeding
Simulation inspired by the paper "Agenda Seeding: How 1960s Black Protests Moved Elites, Public Opinion and Voting". It implements the multi-round decision game between protestors, the police, the...