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London Transit Commission - GTFS
GTFS data for the trains run by the London Transit Commission
Transport for London - GTFS
GTFS data provided by Transport for London and extended by HASH.
London Wards
JSON data converted from Shapefiles describing the boundaries of all wards in the Greater London area.
London Ward Atlas Data
Contains multiple metrics around demographics, health, safety, land use, and more for each ward in the Greater London Area.
London UK - Base City
An example of a Person Agent navigating a city model of London.
Person Agent in London UK
An example of a Person Agent navigating a city model of London.
Separate LTC Stop Times
Based on GTFS data from London (Ontario, CA)'s Transit Commission.
Parking Bays in Camden
This dataset contains the parking bays location in the London Borough of Camden. A parking bay consists of a number of parking spaces, therefore individual parking spaces cannot be identified in this...
Agenda Seeding
Simulation inspired by the paper "Agenda Seeding: How 1960s Black Protests Moved Elites, Public Opinion and Voting". It implements the multi-round decision game between protestors, the police, the...
A series of [[Event]]s. Included events can relate with the series using the [[superEvent]] property. An EventSeries is a collection of events that share some unifying characteristic. For example,...