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Grain Terminal
This simulation shows an grain tanker restocking at a port. There are four different types of grain: Rye, Barley, Millet, and Wheat. The demand is randomly generated each time a tanker docks and...
Rabbits Grass Weeds
This simulation models rabbits as they move randomly around an environment eating grass and weeds.
BarabsiAlbert Network
This behavior generates agents connected on a Barabási–Albert network. Networks generated using this behavior have the "scale-free" property, that is, the degree distribution follows
Cooperation Cows
This model simulates two types of agents (cows) competing for a specific resource (grass).
Watts-Strogatz Network
This behavior generates agents connected on a Watts-Strogatz network.
Rumor Mill
This simulation models the spread of a rumor. Each person who knows the rumor (represented by their red color) randomly tells one of their eight adjacent neighbors.
Coronavirus grant funding local authority payments to small and medium businesses
This dataset shows the total amount of money that each local authority in England has received from central government and distributed to SMEs to date under 2 coronavirus grant schemes.
SIR Infection Network
This is an SIR (susceptible-infected-recovered) infection model with agents connected on a network. It is based on the paper "An Agent-Based Model of COVID-19", C. Wolfram.
Irradiated Zone Travel
This simulation models a vehicle crew making its way through an irradiated site to visit certain locations. The site is filled with sources which emit radiation. The radiation level for the vehicle...
Container Line
This model shows container ships navigating preset routes. After each trip, the ship needs to be serviced. Once a ship has been serviced, it chooses a new port to sail to.