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Sample Concrete Factory Layout
Sample concrete factory layout used in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Factory model.
Concrete Factory
The Concrete Factory model simulates the concrete production process from raw materials to pallets of concrete blocks using an autoclave system.
Sample Solar Panel Factory Layout
Sample solar panel factory layout used in Solar Panel Production Line model.
Packages and Palletizing System
A simulation of a forklift moving pallets across a factory floor.
Create Layout
Pull layout data from .csv file and generate corresponding agents.
Factory Floor Plan
A collection of 2d arrays representing floorplans, to be used for simulating agents navigating real world environments
Civil Unrest
This is an implementation based on Epstein's civil unrest model. Citizens (green) randomly move around and decide to rebel based on a number of factors. Cops randomly move around and arrest active...
Steel Conversion Process
This model simulates the steel converter process and can be used to observe how crane management algorithms affect the discontinuities/failures of casting machines.
Order Picking Area Conveyor
This model simulates a conveyor belt in an order picking area of a storage facility.
Sample Steel Converter Layout
Sample steel converter layout used in Steel Converter Process model.