Product Roadmap

Things to look forward to in HASH

Next up...

  • Publishing the codebase behind our Rust simulation engine
  • Allow slicing, filtering and splitting of datasets in hCore for improved instantiation
  • Flows in hCore (ELT data in, and output simulation results via API)
  • State charts for easier simulation composition
  • Improved support for networked neighbors
  • Initial state generation wizard
  • Scheduled and programmatic background recomputes
  • Advanced debugging tools, and support for Great Expectations
  • Packages in hIndex, and ability to use npm, pip, cargo and more from hCore IDE
  • Rust behavior authoring in-IDE and hCloud compilation
  • Verification, validation and more testing tools

Further ahead

  • Native desktop and mobile apps
  • More advanced optimization experiments
  • Native tools for reinforcement learning
  • Integrated Rust physics engine
  • Terrain transformation and advanced geospatial support
  • Background recompute in response to changing stimulus Pro
  • Private org-level share controls Pro
  • Third-party APIs in hIndex
  • Advanced hIndex search filters
  • Buy and sell as well as freely share on hIndex
  • Advanced debugging tools