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Wildfires - Regrowth
This model simulates the spread of wildfires in a regrowing forest.
Warehouse Logistics
A basic warehouse model. Items can be stored on "shelf" agents, and "worker" agents pick up and place items on the shelves and on the "dock" agents.
City Infection Model
This model simulates how a virus spreads through a human population.
Boids 3D
Demonstrates the "Boids" flocking algorithm in both 2d and 3d space.
This model demonstrates the use of three library behaviors and three custom behaviors to simulate rainfall and pooling behavior.
Model Market
This model contains two types of agents: shops and buyers. It also available in Python.
This simulation implements Epstein and Axtell’s Sugarscape model.
Conways Game of Life
Runs the classic Conway's Game of Life simulation on a 2d grid. You can use either HASH's built-in 'conway' behavior, or the written out "gol_cell".
Civil Unrest
This is an implementation based on Epstein's civil unrest model. Citizens (green) randomly move around and decide to rebel based on a number of factors. Cops randomly move around and arrest active...
Ant Foraging
A model of ants foraging for food. This is a classic agent-based modeling example that shows intelligent system behavior emerging from simple individual behavior.