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Simulations > Climate & Environment
Wildfires - Regrowth
This model simulates the spread of wildfires in a regrowing forest. All trees grow over time, and have a small chance of being struck by lightning. If a tree is struck by lightning, or is adjacent to...
Simulations > Society & Culture
This simulation implements Epstein and Axtell’s Sugarscape model. Each ‘sugar’ cell is fixed and has a predetermined amount of sugar that is mapped to a specific height and color. These sugar values...
Simulations > Biology
Ant Foraging
A model of ants foraging for food. This is a classic agent-based modeling example that shows intelligent system behavior emerging from simple individual behavior. Ants will begin from the nest (yellow...
Simulations > Science & Research
Conway's Game of Life
Runs the classic Conway's Game of Life simulation on a 2d grid. You can use either HASH's built-in 'conway' behavior, or the written out "gol_cell". A cell is either alive or dead. A live cell remains...
Simulations > Health
This model simulates how a virus spreads and perpetuates in a human population. Green agents (healthy people) have a chance of becoming sick if they share the same space with a red agent (sick...
Simulations > Business & Economy
Simple Trading
This simulation uses simple production and trade mechanisms to demonstrate how endogenous supply and demand patterns can emerge. Agents can produce either apples or gold at each time step. Agents have...
Simulations > Society & Culture
Prisoner's Dilemma
An Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma tournament played spatially. During each match agents will compete with each one of their neighbors. After every match, agents will look at the average scores of their...
Simulations > Public Safety
Epstein Civil Unrest
This is an implementation based on Epstein's civil unrest model. Citizens (green) randomly move around and decide to rebel based on a number of factors. Cops randomly move around and arrest active...
Simulations > Business & Economy
Local Competition
This model simulates local businesses competing for customers based on location and price. This is based on the original Hotelling model which analyzed the optimal locations of businesses along a...
Simulations > Biology
Boids 3D
Demonstrates the "Boids" flocking algorithm in both 2d and 3d space. To determine where a boid moves, it follows three rules: alignment: steer towards the average heading of local...
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