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* Does not apply to Simulations
Geospatial Map - Fixed
An example of GIS data being used to power a map visualization.
Data > Society & Culture
Sugarscape Map@hash/sugarscape-map/50x50.csv
A 50x50 CSV map defining the strength of sugar patches for the classic "Sugarscape" model by Epstein and Axtell.
Data > Health
Apple Maps Mobility Trends Reports@apple/mobility-trends/daily.csv
This data shows a relative volume of directions requests per country/region or city compared to a baseline volume on January 13th, 2020. Days are defined as midnight-to-midnight, Pacific time. Cities...
Data > Business & Economy
Retail Vacant Storefronts in Cambridge, MA@cambridge-ma-cdd/vacant-storefronts/vacant-storefronts-data.csv.json
The Economic Development Division of the Community Development Department maintains a listing of Cambridge’s ground floor vacant storefronts. This listing is not intended as a comprehensive source for...
Simulations > Business & Economy
Collision Manager Simulation
An example simulation demonstrating anti-collision behavior. It uses a CSV that represents a maze to materialize walls that an agent, moving about at random, can't pass mapmanagement.py: a behavior...
Simulations > Manufacturing
Wholesale Warehouse
This simulations models a wholesale warehouse with multiple zones and workers. Pallets arrive by trucks and are unloaded to the Reception zone where they are handled, registered, and then moved to...
Simulations > Health
City Infection Model
This model simulates how a virus spreads through a human population. Green agents (healthy people) have a chance of becoming sick if they are within the search radius of a red agent (sick person)....
Data > Health
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Data in the United States@nyt/covid-19-us
This HASH Index listing pulls from the New York Times' original GitHub source. Coronavirus (Covid-19) Data in the United States The New York Times is releasing a series of data files with cumulative...
Display RGB - Scaling@hash/display_rgb_scale.js
This behavior allows you to specify ranges of RGB and numeric values. This behavior automatically maps the value of a specified field to a corresponding RGB color within the range. The scale can be...
Display Height - Scaling@hash/display_height_scale.js
This behavior allows you to specify a height range and numeric values range. This behavior automatically maps the value of a specified field to a corresponding height within the range. The scale can...
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