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Data > Climate & Environment
Amazon Forest Fires@br-fs/forest-fires/1998-to-2017.csv
Occurrences of forest fires in Brazil from the year 1998 to 2017, divided by state they occurred in. The legal Amazon comprises the states of Acre, Amapá, Pará, Amazonas, Rondonia, Roraima, and part...
Data > Public Safety
Fire Incidents@sf/fire-incidents/data.csv
Fire Incidents includes a summary of each (non-medical) incident to which the SF Fire Department responded. Each incident record includes the call number, incident number, address, number and type of...
Simulations > Climate & Environment
Wildfires - Regrowth
This model simulates the spread of wildfires in a regrowing forest. All trees grow over time, and have a small chance of being struck by lightning. If a tree is struck by lightning, or is adjacent to...
Simulations > Biology
Firefly Synchronization
This model demonstrates how distributed agents may synchronize their actions without centralized decision making. The model consists of fireflies randomly moving on a grid. Fireflies flash for one...
Simulations > Climate & Environment
This model simulates a growing forest based on seeding trees competing with wildfires caused by lightning strikes. All trees are growing over time, and have a small chance of being struck by...
Simulations > Science & Research
Conway's Game of Life
Runs the classic Conway's Game of Life simulation on a 2d grid. You can use either HASH's built-in 'conway' behavior, or the written out "gol_cell". A cell is either alive or dead. A live cell...
Data > Crime & Justice
Police Force Strength@gla/police-force-strength/force-strength.csv
Numbers of police officers, police civilian staff, and Police Community Support Officers in the Metropolitan Police Force. Figures are reported by MOPAC to the GLA's Police and Crime Committee each...
Data > Crime & Justice
Fatal Police Shootings in the USA@wapo/fatal-police-shootings/data.csv
This listing is synced daily with The Washington Post's official Git repo containing the underlying source data. About this story The Washington Post is compiling a database of every fatal shooting...
Data > Climate & Environment
Wildfire perimeters in California from 2014-2018
Simulations > Finance
ABBA Financial Model
Based on the IMF ABBA simulation created by Jorge A. Chan-Lau Understanding the effects of regulatory capital reserve and leverage requirements requires understanding their effects on the banking...
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