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Conveyor Belt@hash/conveyor_belt.js
As seen used in [Order Picking Area Conveyor] (https://hash.ai/index/5f174227469801576e02288e/order-picking-area) Different Types Normal Operation Only c_dir needs to be set. No changes to direction...
Conveyor Belt Movement@hash/conveyor_belt_movement.js
Agent's with this behavior will move along conveyor belt agents using the conveyor belt agent's set direction (c_dir). Avoid colliding with an agent directly in front by setting avoid_type to a...
Simulations > Manufacturing
Order Picking Area Conveyor
This model simulates a conveyor belt in an order picking area of a storage facility. Orders are randomly generated and then passed along a conveyor belt where they are either packaged normally or as...
Warehouse Conveyor@hash/warehouse-conveyor
Layout, delivery positions, and routes used in Warehouse Conveyor Model.
Process Timer@hash/process_timer.js
This behavior is typically used with conveyor belt logic and behaviors to model certain processes on a conveyor belt. When an agent lands on agent with this behavior, the process begins and the timer...
Simulations > Maritime & Shipping
Grain Terminal
This simulation shows an grain tanker restocking at a port. There are four different types of grain: Rye, Barley, Millet, and Wheat. The demand is randomly generated each time a tanker docks and...
Simulations > Manufacturing
Warehouse Conveyor
This model simulates a warehouse conveying goods to storage before distributing them to cartons to be packed and delivered.
Data > Manufacturing
Sample Package Delivery Layout@hash/sample-package-delivery-layout
Sample package delivery layout used in [Order Picking Area Conveyor] (https://hash.ai/index/5f174227469801576e02288e/order-picking-area) G = Generator XX, XR, XL, XD, XU = Conveyor Belt (R, L, U, D...
Data > Manufacturing
Sample Concrete Factory Layout@hash/sample-concrete-factory-layout
Sample concrete factory layout used in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Factory model. SP = Slurry Processor MP = Mould Processor XX, XR, XL, XD, XU = Conveyor Belt (R, L, U, D indicate direction) RA =...
Data > Manufacturing
Sample Steel Converter Layout@hash/sample-steel-converter-layout
Sample steel converter layout used in Steel Converter Process model. Delivery Positions csv: Indicate where the delivery positions are for the crane manager DP = Delivery Position CO1, CO2, CO3 =...
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