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Simulations > Health
Virus - Mutation and Drug Resistance
This model simulates mutation in viruses and bacteria. Strains compete to infect different people. A vaccine can be introduced at a specific timestep which will provide people with an immunity to any...
Simulations > Towns & Cities
London, UK - Base City Model
An example of a Person Agent navigating a city model of London.
Simulations > Climate & Environment
This model demonstrates the use of three library behaviors (“orienttowardvalue”, “diffusion”, and “moveindireciton”) and three custom behaviors to simulate rainfall and pooling behavior. The terrain...
Simulations > Health
Rumor Mill - Public Health Practices
This simulation models the spread of hygiene practices in a community, and their trust in a federal authority. Agents pass on messages to randomly chosen neighbors based on their current hygiene and...
Simulations > Business & Economy
Model Market
This model contains two types of behaviors: [shops and buyers.] Shops have three possible state: closed (white), open but no recent sales (blue), and open with recent sales (green). Shops adjust...
Simulations > Biology
Ant Foraging
A model of ants foraging for food. This is a classic agent-based modeling example that shows intelligent system behavior emerging from simple individual behavior. Ants will begin from the nest (yellow...
Simulations > Society & Culture
This simulation implements Epstein and Axtell’s Sugarscape model. Each ‘sugar’ cell is fixed and has a predetermined amount of sugar that is mapped to a specific height and color. These sugar values...
Simulations > Health
City Infection Model
This model simulates how a virus spreads through a human population. Green agents (healthy people) have a chance of becoming sick if they are within the search radius of a red agent (sick person)....
Simulations > Maritime & Shipping
Warehouse Logistics
A basic warehouse model. Items can be stored on "shelf" agents, and "worker" agents pick up and place items on the shelves and on the "dock" agents.
Simulations > Biology
Boids 3D
Demonstrates the "Boids" flocking algorithm in both 2d and 3d space. To determine where a boid moves, it follows three rules: alignment: steer towards the average heading of local...
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