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Simulations > Maritime & Shipping
Warehouse Logistics
A basic warehouse model. Items can be stored on "shelf" agents, and "worker" agents pick up and place items on the shelves and on the "dock" agents.
Datasets used in HASH example models.
Simulations > Climate & Environment
Wildfires - Regrowth
This model simulates the spread of wildfires in a regrowing forest. All trees grow over time, and have a small chance of being struck by lightning. If a tree is struck by lightning, or is adjacent to...
Simulations > Biology
Ant Foraging
A model of ants foraging for food. This is a classic agent-based modeling example that shows intelligent system behavior emerging from simple individual behavior. Ants will begin from the nest...
Simulations > Business & Economy
Model Market
This model contains two types of agents: shops and buyers. It also available in Python. Shops have three possible state: closed (white), open but no recent sales (blue), and open with recent sales...
Simulations > Biology
Boids 3D
Demonstrates the "Boids" flocking algorithm in both 2d and 3d space. To determine where a boid moves, it follows three rules: alignment: steer towards the average heading of local...
Simulations > Society & Culture
This simulation implements Epstein and Axtell’s Sugarscape model. Each ‘sugar’ cell is fixed and has a predetermined amount of sugar that is mapped to a specific height and color. These sugar values...
Simulations > Health
City Infection Model
This model simulates how a virus spreads through a human population. Green agents (healthy people) have a chance of becoming sick if they are within the search radius of a red agent (sick person)....
Simulations > Health
Rumor Mill - Public Health Practices
This simulation models the spread of hygiene practices in a community, and their trust in a federal authority. Agents pass on messages to randomly chosen neighbors based on their current hygiene and...
Simulations > Health
Virus - Mutation and Drug Resistance
This model simulates mutation in viruses and bacteria. Strains compete to infect different people. A vaccine can be introduced at a specific timestep which will provide people with an immunity to any...
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