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Simulations > Towns & Cities
cycling hybrid
A model of cycling agents in a city with one-way streets and avenues. The central agent calculates routes that optimize for spread/social distancing between agents from a randomly generated initial...
Simulations > Towns & Cities
Citi Bike Visualization
This model visualizes cyclists using the bikeshare system in New York. This is based on real-world data sampled from Citi Bike. It demonstrates how to retrieve travel directions using the Mapbox...
Simulations > Towns & Cities
Rationally Navigating London, UK
An example of a Person Agent navigating a city model of London.
Simulations > Business & Economy
Local Competition
This model simulates local businesses competing for customers based on location and price. This is based on the original Hotelling model which analyzed the optimal locations of businesses along a...
Simulations > Health
City Infection Model
This model simulates how a virus spreads through a human population. Green agents (healthy people) have a chance of becoming sick if they are within the search radius of a red agent (sick person)....
Data > Towns & Cities
Transport for London - GTFS@tfl/tfl-gtfs
GTFS data provided by Transport for London and extended by HASH.
Data > Towns & Cities
Buildings Subject to HPD Jurisdiction@nyc-dhpd/jurisdiction/buildings.csv
Pursuant to New York City’s Housing Maintenance Code, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) collects information on multiple dwellings in New York City, and other buildings that...
Data > Towns & Cities
London Ward Atlas Data@gla/atlas/ward-data.csv
Contains multiple metrics around demographics, health, safety, land use, and more for each ward in the Greater London Area.
Data > Towns & Cities
London Wards@gla/london-wards/boundaries.json
JSON data converted from Shapefiles describing the boundaries of all wards in the Greater London area.
Data > Towns & Cities
Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority - General Transit Feed Specification@mbta/mbta-gtfs
GTFS data for the Greater Boston public transit system.
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