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Wildfires - Realistic
A modification and extension of the Wildfire - Regrowth model which incorporates more realistic features such as burn times, burn thresholds, slower regrowth rates, and environmental effects such as...
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Wildfire perimeters in California from 2014-2018
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Wildfires - Regrowth
This model simulates the spread of wildfires in a regrowing forest. All trees grow over time, and have a small chance of being struck by lightning. If a tree is struck by lightning, or is adjacent to...
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Irradiated Zone Travel
This simulation models a vehicle crew making its way through an irradiated site to visit certain locations. The site is filled with sources which emit radiation. The radiation level for the vehicle...
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Virtual Corridors of Butterflies
The model is designed to stimulate how virtual corridors, or paths which many butterflies move along, are created through the hill-topping behavior of butterflies and landscape topography. At each...
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This model simulates a growing forest based on seeding trees competing with wildfires caused by lightning strikes. All trees are growing over time, and have a small chance of being struck by...
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This model demonstrates the use of three library behaviors (“orienttowardvalue”, “diffusion”, and “moveindireciton”) and three custom behaviors to simulate rainfall and pooling behavior. The terrain...
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Northern Gannets' Flight Patterns
A simulation of Northern Gannet flight patterns, based on tracking data from the Royal Society for the Preservation of Birds tracking data.
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Northern Gannet Tracking Data - Bempton Breeding Birds@royal-society-for-the-/northern_gannets/bbTrackingData.csv
In each of the three years of 2010-2012, adult gannets from Bempton Cliffs were fitted with satellite tags to investigate their foraging ranges during chick-rearing and early post-breeding...
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Levels @ericazel/levels/maree.json
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