COVID-19 National Response Dataset
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BACKGROUND The dataset attempts to cover all measures of national significance intended to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, in all the worlds nations.

Each measure in the database has entries on:

  • Country (and state for the US)
  • Textual description of the measure
  • Start date of measure
  • End date (if available)
  • URL to source of more information
  • Systematic keyword labels (e.g. "travel ban" or "hygiene enforcement")

A detailed description of the main tags in the database and the preprocessing used to produce the sanitized version can be found here.

As of April 6th the dataset has about 1600 entries spanning 117 countries. Countries are prioritised on the basis of population and number of confirmed cases. There is likely to be a degree of bias in the dataset due to some countries having information that is easier to access than others.

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