Download the open-source simulation engine at the heart of HASH

Open-source backbone

HASH Engine is the simulation engine at the heart of HASH. It powers HASH Core, and we’re working on its initial open-source release. It’s written in Rust, and bindings exist for a variety of additional languages including Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

For ultimate peace of mind

With an open-source engine, there's no risk of platform lock-in, and zero chance that future changes to our business model will render hard work redundant. With this your optionality is preserved, and anybody can try HASH in full knowledge they'll be able to switch providers or self-host at any point in the future.

For the best decisions possible

Reproducibility of results is key to enabling transparent inspection of decision-making. We believe this in turn is critical to good governance and decision-making in the first place. A trusted execution platform is therefore required and we're committed to supporting this through open-sourcing our relevant key technology.

For standards

For simulation to become an everyday decision-making tool, the barriers to creating simulations reflective of the real-world need to be far lower. By open-sourcing our underlying engine, we hope to encourage the open-source sharing of agents, behaviors, and other simulation components as well.