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Polling Locations
Durham Neighborhood Compass
The Neighborhood Compass is a primary community resource that allows you to track changes in your community with data; regularly-updated information that often deepens your gut-level understanding...
UK Government COVID-19 Cost Data
Originally published on the NAO website. Includes costings related to all measures announced on or before 7 August 2020, covering 18 lead organisations involved in the COVID-19 response.
Gas Station
Layout for the gas station simulation model.
COVID19 Parameter Estimates
Published estimates of epidemiological characteristics that have encoded by community members and approved by authors.
Corporate Education
Datasets used in Professional Development Model
Finland - Opendataset for vessels 1.16
See https://www.opendata.fi/data/en_GB/dataset/alusten-avoin-data/resource/8326953e-5fbb-4c20-9eb8-26b8e4c985c4
Retail Vacant Storefronts in Cambridge MA
The Economic Development Division of the Community Development Department maintains a listing of Cambridge’s ground floor vacant storefronts. This listing is not intended as a comprehensive source for...
World Happiness
A survey of the state of global happiness.
New York City QuickFacts
Published by the United States Census Bureau and sourced from https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/newyorkcitynewyork