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Forward-Deployed Engineer

About this role

We're hiring a London-based Forward-Deployed Engineer to join us at HASH. In this role, you'll work directly with clients both capturing requirements and ideating/implementing solutions utilizing HASH's open-source technology. Your experiences will directly inform HASH's product roadmap, and this position demands both excellent interpersonal and technical skills, involving both internal and external stakeholder management as well as hands-on software engineering.


  • CheckmarkExtensive professional experience working in a full-stack capacity, with knowledge of Node, TypeScript, and React
  • CheckmarkPrior data/integrations engineering experience, and/or working with a wide range of complex or novel APIs
  • CheckmarkThe ability and motivation to work with clients in a largely self-directed fashion, understanding and solving their needs
  • CheckmarkExcellent judgement and a willingness to represent the company in new and unfamiliar domains, helping identify opportunities and feeding back lessons learned

Pay & Benefits

  • Competitive salary and generous equity
  • At least 30 days of global annual holiday
  • Access to a tax-optimized salary sacrifice pension
  • A range of other country and location-specific benefits. Let us know where you’re applying from!

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable everybody to make the right decisions. We’re making raw information and expert knowledge understandable and usable by all.

The Company

HASH is a venture-backed startup based in New York and London. We're backed by venture capital firms as well as the founders of successful startups like Kaggle (the world’s largest data science community) and Stack Overflow (the world’s most-trafficked developer site).

The Product

Learn more about our Platform before applying to HASH.