September 2023 Update

File Support

User of HASH can now upload files of any type, upload multiple files at once, see the status of uploads, preview images, view file metadata and more.

Bulk Actions

Entities and types can now be bulk selected, and actioned en masse.

Instance Admin Controls

Self-hosters of HASH can now disable pages. Disabling pages removes them from the left-hand global sidebar, and prevents the creation of new pages. While pages are central to the overall HASH experience, disabling them initially can assist in the incremental adoption of HASH by organizations, enabling feature-by-feature rollout of HASH’s functionality to users of an org, and minimizing upfront education, training and documentation requirements. The ability to disable pages has proven useful both to organizations currently using HASH as a backend, and those using it as a strongly typed graph-based content management system (CMS). We’ll be adding additional instance admin controls in the coming months.

Quality of life updates

The app-wide global top navigation bar and dropdown menus have been improved, as well as the left-hand sidebar. Various other styling improvements and bug fixes have shipped, leading to a smoother and more polished user experience.