October 2023 Update


Authorization has now shipped in HASH.

Pages can now be public as well as private, and permission to view, comment on, or edit pages can now be specified on a per-user or whole-web basis. This makes it easy to keep private data secret, and makes it easy to share information with both specific individuals and entire teams.

Quick notes

One-click capture new information from anywhere in HASH (or the HASH Browser Extension, which will be available next month).

Profile pages

Users and shared webs in HASH now have customizable profile pages. A new user-editable area allows blocks to be inserted onto a page, providing flexibility over what information appears; alongside an ability to pin types to the top of a profile page, making it easy for visitors to discover entities of highlighted types in your web.

Open-source hCore

This month we also open-sourced hCore, our in-browser agent-based modeling IDE, in our experimental labs repository on GitHub. hCore’s development has been frozen for some time, and we’ve now 100% open-sourced it to enable the community to take it forward. We’ve temporarily disabled the hosted version previously available at core.hash.ai, but we’ll be reintroducing this with the ability for users to directly connect a GitHub account and load remote repositories containing simulations, replacing the version control capabilities found in hIndex. All existing simulation models, agent behaviors and datasets published to hIndex will be migrated across to HASH.