May 2023 Update

Introducing the Command Bar

Press Cmd+K or Ctrl+K to bring up the new ‘Command Bar’ in HASH, providing quick access to commonly used functionality (while displaying shortcuts alongside each for easy re-use in the future). In the future we’ll be extending the command bar with more capabilities, including AI-powered search and commands.

General Improvements to HASH

  • Descriptions can now be added to Entity Types
  • External Link Types and Entity Types (e.g. those created/served from the Block Protocol Hub) can now be used within HASH
  • The expected version of an Entity Types in links can now be updated
  • A link icon is shown next to Link Types for easier identification
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes, including elimination of an infinite redirect bug that could sometimes occur on the login page, and upgrades to permission-handling, text editing, and app-wide navigation