June 2023 Update

This month brings a number of updates and new features to HASH.

Canvas Pages

For a while we’ve been prototyping freeform whiteboards and canvases in HASH. We’ve now integrated canvases as an experimental feature into the app. Ultimately we envisage two types of Pages existing:

  • Documents (already supported), which allow for the arrangement of blocks in a fixed columnar form.
  • Canvases (in alpha).

Right now we allow users to toggle individual back-and-forth between page and canvas view, but we’re unsure if this provides real utility, and would like your feedback. Does it make sense? Is it ever actually useful?

Mention Anything

While it was previously possible to @mention users and pages, inserting easy links to them inline within documents in HASH, it’s now possible to @mention any entity at all which is visible to you.

Next-Gen Table Block

The table block now allows for entities from a graph to be queried and loaded in (in addition to local data quickly captured). One table block to rule them all!

We’ve also introduced some basic additional capabilities that allow you to change its visual appearance, including toggling on/off:

  • alternating row background colors;
  • row numbers (like in a spreadsheet); and
  • header rows.