July 2023 Update

Organizations in HASH

Organizations, each with their own shared web (our new name for graphs/workspaces), can now be created by any user in HASH.

For those self-hosting HASH, this new feature will soon be toggleable at the instance level, as we’re aware that for some use-cases it may not always be desirable, or may lead to end-user confusion.

Other minor improvements

We’ve made a range of minor improvements and bug fixes to the HASH app:

  • When creating a new page, the text cursor now correctly always starts in the header, instead of the body.
  • The header bar now correctly renders on canvas pages.
  • The notice banner on archived pages now includes information about the archiver and datetime of archival.
  • Manually loading entities into blocks was broken. It now works again as expected.
  • Incomplete/aborted sign-ups to the app are now handled better.
  • Creating, editing and resolving comments on pages should be several times faster.
  • The wider HASH application should also be significantly faster.

We’ve also introduced RSS (and Atom, can you believe!) feeds onto the HASH Developer Blog. We have some big news planned for the months ahead…

Public roadmap

We’ve published a roadmap page at hash.dev/roadmap which includes a “tech tree” showing what’s new and outstanding in HASH. It’s designed for developers, so includes some technical language, but gives a rough sense as to the features coming up, and which ones contribute towards different uses of HASH. A lot of our recent work has been “under the hood”, and hasn’t (yet) translated into user-facing features. We hope this shines some light on why, and excites you as much as it does us.