February 2023 Update

Use HASH blocks in WordPress

Because all blocks in HASH are Block Protocol blocks, they can all now be used within WordPress, thanks to the release of the Block Protocol plugin for WordPress.

Powerful new blocks

OpenAI blocks

A handful of new blocks showcase the new ability to use external services within blocks, without requiring either blocks or embedding applications to worry about API keys.

OpenAI’s GPT-3 and DALL-E models are amongst the first supported external services, and AI Text and AI Image blocks have been released that allow you to generate content using these services from anywhere that supports the Block Protocol.

All Þ account holders receive a number of free monthly credits to use OpenAI in Þ blocks, irrespective of the environment you’re using them in (e.g. HASH, WordPress, or any other environment). These credits are provided separately and in addition to any OpenAI credits or entitlements you may already have. Additional credits are also available via the Þ Hub.

Mapbox blocks

A new geospatial Address block showcases a second external service, Mapbox, in action.

Testing these blocks out

We recommend trying these new blocks out in WordPress.com or your own self-hosted WordPress instance. In both cases, you’ll need a Block Protocol API key, which can be obtained for free by creating an account at blockprotocol.org

Paid plans

While the Block Protocol is free for block users, block developers, and embedding environments, paid plans are now available. These provide additional access to paid external services such as OpenAI and Mapbox, mentioned above, beyond the free allowance included in every user’s account.

Features and improvements in HASH

Support for uploading files in HASH

It’s now possible to upload arbitrary files to object storage within HASH. This unblocks a wide range of future workflows.

Support for external types

Types created and hosted outside of HASH (for example those created on the public Block Protocol Hub) can now be used within HASH.

Developer updates

If you’re a software developer building blocks for HASH, check out our new developer blog post on the arrival of the Block Protocol 0.3 specification and Service Module.