December 2023 Update

New in-app

Draft Entities

You’re now able to save invalid/incomplete entities as ‘drafts’, without required validation rules needing to pass. We’ll be making wider use of ‘draft entities’ throughout HASH, and you’ll note that new AI-inferred entities, suggested by the HASH Browser Extension, are now created as drafts by default, instead of as full-blown entities already in your web. This allows for the optional triage and review of entities, as well as cleanup, before they’re added to your personal user, or shared organizational web.

New Data Types

As we prepare for user-defined “custom” Data Types, we’ve rolled out support for a wider array of Data Types by default within HASH, adding: email; url; and various International System of Units (aka. SI) units, beginning with length.

2-Way Sync

We’re finally rolling out support for 2-way data sync in HASH, allowing you to ingest data from supported external applications and export it back out to them. Project management application Linear is our first beta integration available.

Notifications Inbox

Notifications and items awaiting action appear in a new inbox page in HASH.

Other news

  • Quality of life improvement: entity type icons
  • Drafts now appear in a slideover
  • Large improvements to performance
  • Reduced browser memory-usage while the app is open
  • Show source and destination entities on link pages
  • Bar chart block
  • Graph network/network diagram block.
  • Ability to view all entities in a graph as well as table view, from its type page.
  • Support for for long and multiline input strings in the properties table
  • More technical users of HASH might be interested to know that “vector embeddings” are now generated for all information in your web. We’ll be using these to power upcoming functionality including duplicate detection and similarity search.

New in the plugin

  • The ability to view inference targets grouped by domain, as well as by type.
  • Improved recognition of existing scraped entities as you browse the web, resulting in more link creation between, and updates to existing entities, and fewer duplicates created in your web.