August 2023 Update

Type Inheritance

Entity types can now inherit from other entity types, making it easier to extend existing types and create your own which make sense. For example, you might create an Employee entity type which inherits from Person, ensuring that any property value or link accepted on a Person can also be specified on any entity which is an Employee. Use child types to declare that any attribute of a parent type will also be applicable on instances of the child.

Type Archival

Types can now be archived. Types created in error, or which are no longer in use, can now be hidden from view by archiving them in HASH.

Org Management

This month we’ve expanded what you can do with orgs (introduced last month), building in support for:

  • Adding an organization avatar
  • Adding a website to an org, which now appears on its public profile page
  • Accessing additional options via the org context menu, including for quickly viewing and editing an org’s profile and members
  • Allowing organization admins to remove other members

Go Exploring

It’s now possible to view all of your own (as well as anybody else’s public) types and entities at once. Simply head to /types or /entities in HASH to discover new types and entities. Improved search and filtering, as well as the ability to group results are planned for a future update.

Archived types, pages and entities can now also be viewed.

Quality of life updates

Various improvements. App performance has been further improved, resolution flows for converting between types have been refined, and a large number of our outstanding known bugs have been eliminated. This includes the elimination of a long-standing (and particularly annoying) bug which could result in hotkeys being triggered incorrectly within the app, which has now been resolved. We app’s default homepage has also been updated.