Conveyor Belt

As seen used in [Order Picking Area Conveyor] (https://hash.ai/index/5f174227469801576e02288e/order-picking-area)

As seen used in Order Picking Area Conveyor

Different Types

  1. Normal Operation
  • Only c_dir needs to be set. No changes to direction will occur in this file.
  1. Switch
  • Conveyor belt with two possible directions. Direction will temporarily switch to other direction if current direction is blocked (by agents with load_type behavior)
  • Variables = c_dir, original_direction, direction_alt
  1. Check and Go
  • Conveyor will check ahead in designated direction (check_direction) for agents of load_type before releasing agent in go_direction
  • Variables = c_dir, check_direction, go_direction
  1. Conditional Conveyor Belt
  • Conveyor will check load_field of current load_type agent and set movement direction to matching condition field in conditions
  • Variables = c_dir, load_type, load_field, conditions

Paired With Behaviors: 1. Conveyor Belt Movement 2. Process Timer