AWS Instances

A dataset of EC2 instances offered through AWS. Includes the instance name, hourly rate, # of virtual CPUs, the memory, storage, & network performance. Sourced from https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/on-demand/ Last updated: May 25th, 2021

A dataset of EC2 instances offered through Amazon Web Services, current as of May 25th 2021.

These can be used within simulations to create data driven models of computing infrastructure to answer questions like 'how much will an AWS cluster cost' and 'how will AWS infrastructure scale with a given amount of traffic'. For more read how we used this dataset to power a simulation of cloud infrastructure from a terraform config file.

It is structured in a keyed json format, where the key is the instance type name, and the properties are the attributes of the instance.

     "name": {
        "hourly_rate": <float> Price per hour rented,
        "cpu": <integer> Number of virtual CPUs,
        "memory": <integer> Memory in gigabytes,
        "storage": <string> Storage type available to the instance,
        "network_performance": <string> Max network throughpout of an instance

Prices reflect the on-demand rental rate of an instance.